Our Story

Corto Literary Agency represents some of the best and most prestigious writers from South-Eastern Europe, i.e. the Balkans. It is a territory of diversity; an intersection of various cultures, traditions, and practices, a territory that pulsates with creativity and variety. Our mission is to choose only the finest and the most valuable in our pursuit to bring this talent closer to the international reading audience, to contribute to the open world of new stories, new voices and new ideas that can enrich and change us. Besides representing authors from the Balkans, Corto Literary also works as a sub-agent for publishers and literary agencies abroad on Eastern European markets. Our main objective is to match the right publishers with just the right titles and thus contribute to the greater success of our clients. We serve as a mediator in the translation and publishing of the books from the Balkans abroad and vice versa, but we’d also be willing to offer our active support and help in any aspect of our client’s work.

Diana Matulić

Diana Matulić

Literary Agent

I am an experienced book editor who has been working at some of the most important and notable Croatian publishing companies. Already as a student of comparative and world literature at Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences I realized that my wish was to work in publishing industry and my wish came true. I still work as an editor-at-large for many clients in need of professional help in the book publishing process. My love of books is practically inextinguishable, which is why I founded Corto Literary Agency, with a mission to promote Croatian literature and literature from Southeast European countries abroad, but also to represent the most relevant global publishers and agencies on Croatian and Southeast European territory.

As a passionate reader and quality literature enthusiast, it is my ambition and vision to familiarize broader European and global readership with the finest voices from my region and the other way around, aiming to contribute to a world which holds openness, desire to get to know new cultures, and love of great literature in the highest esteem.

Petra Pugar

Petra Pugar


I graduated in English and Italian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, and I am currently pursuing the PhD programme Doctoral Studies in Literature, Performing Arts, Film and Culture at the University of Zagreb. I took part in several international exchange programmes, schools and conferences, such as Erasmus in Rome, CEEPUS in Bratislava and Graz, which made me even more determined to find my calling in literature, culture and publishing. My professional background includes working as a language teacher and translator & subtitler in the broadcast media industry, as well as literary translator.

Perpetually amazed by the power of narrative to shape the human experience, I try to surround myself with all things book. This is why I was so happy to join Diana’s team and participate in accomplishing Corto Literary’s exciting mission of acting as a mediator between international literary markets. Working as a literary agent I’m able to perfectly combine my passion for literature and my ambition to thrive in a dynamic international setting, while engaging in the production of new and diverse literary voices. I’m delighted if my work helps the reader discover and fall in love with great books.

Petra Pugar

Antonija Radić

Rights Department

I graduated in Comparative Literature and Italian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. My deep affection for the written word has guided me through the entire course of education. During my graduate studies, I wanted to explore more ways of participating in the process of cultural exchange what led me to start my journey as a literary translator.

Working at Corto Literary Agency has given me the opportunity to explore that process from a fresh perspective, one that accentuates even more the importance of disseminating the human experience treasured in literature. I see the work of a literary agent as a meeting point of international literary currents, set to making more visible the authors from the region while introducing new tendencies and voices from all parts of the globe. I’m delighted to be a part of that important mission.