Hermes, 2019, 340 pages
• 20-pages excerpt available in English

In the analysis of his career, especially looking at his background as a young boy, he is an exemplar to young players that talent outmatches brawn. Luka Modric is the shining example to all young players irrespective of height, stature and strength. My deepest regards to a man who defeated all arguments about physique because he could play!

Sir Alex Ferguson, CBE | the most decorated football manager of all times

His, and therefore our historic World Cup 2018, bears witness of a captain who at the last ounce of his strength, in the last seconds of the overtime, sends a message – one of complete giving. A message of victory and approach. A message of value. And that message is the true raised flag of Luka Modrić. […] Two words that describe him best, I believe, are: a modest genius.

Zvonimir Boban | Luka's role model from the bronze 1998 team and FIFA official

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Foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson
Blurbs by football stars Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Marcelo, Toni Kroos, Raphaël Varane

World’s best footballer tells his story of perseverance against all odds.

Luka Modrić recently made football history when he won all four top honours for world’s best player, becoming the first to receive them all in a single year: World Cup Golden Ball, The Best FIFA Men’s Player award, UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award and Ballon d’Or. This Croatian player brought his small country to the Russia World Cup finals and is a crucial midfielder for Real Madrid, the club in which he won numerous Champions Leagues and other trophies, rightfully earning the title of the best. But his rise to fame did not come easy.

From his war-stricken childhood during the nineties in the Croatian War of Independence to the peak of his career – winning the Golden Ball for the best player in the World Cup. This is Luka’s own story, his straightforward and honest words revealing the power of mind and heart of those turning dreams into reality.
Known as a man of few words and reserved temper, in this book Luka opens up about the key aspects not only of his professional, but his personal life as well, on top of all being his great love and marriage to Vanja Modrić, a self-aware woman who helped him build a loving home with three beautiful children and is actively involved in his career. Luka describes his historic games with Real Madrid and reveals how his strong will was crucial during a public barrage he faced in his home country, touchingly reconnecting with the supporters right before the turbulent and dream-fulfilling World Cup in Russia. At last, as his astounding game is being crowned with highest honours, Luka sees this as a symbolic balance to all his hardships and struggles, confirmation of perseverance, confidence and motivation to overcome all obstacles. Sticking to his motto that “best things never come easy” Luka Modrić made a dream come true, and his career stands as an inspiration to everyone who every day, in any part of the globe, get up, work hard and fight for their dreams.