Feral Tribune, 2007, 140 pages

Mallow Colour of Nothing is a collection of three stories (Green Castle; Please, Try and Sleep; As Nothing Ever Happened), in part relying on the Đikić’s novel regarding a subject that is once more, but not always directly, connected to the war; the narrative style here is focused on changes of narrative division, time perspectives and certain inherited traditions of oral Bosnian storytelling. 

“War is the subtext of each story. I’m aware that it becomes a bit tiring and boring, but that war completely changed who I am and I still have the urge to talk about it. It was the most influential moment of my life. I don’t see it as an obsession or weakness and I’m not writing for therapeutic purposes. It’s not something I want to get rid of. It is the way of articulating some inner need that makes me want to write. (…)
Everything I write is some kind of autobiography. Each character has something of mine, one of my emotions. Each sentence has something of mine. It is completely irrelevant whether these  events actually occurred. It is important that the book consists of something of mine that is not real – not characters and events, but atmosphere and ambience. The thing that stands behind the sentences and happens inside the mind of a reader – is me.”