Zoran Ferić

Born 1961 in Zagreb. He graduated Croatian language and literature and works as a professor in gymnasium and is among the most widely read contemporary Croatian writers. His first short stories are being published in newspapers from 1984, but his first collection Mišolovka Walta Disneya (Walt Disney’s Mousetrap) is first published relatively late, in 1996. His second short story collection Anđeo u ofsajdu (An Angel in Offside), published in 2000 received prestigious Ksaver Šandor Gjalski Prize in 2000 and the Jutarnji List Award for the best work of prose fiction. For Walt Disney’s Mousetrap he received the first and the last Dekada Prize founded to praise the fiction written in the past decade. His third book and the first novel Smrt Djevojčice sa žigicama (The Death of the Little Match Girl) is published on 2003. Two years after he publishes his second novel Djeca Patrasa (The Children of Patras). His novel Kalendar Maja (Maya Calendar) is published in 2011 and by then received several Awards – the Jutarnji List Award for the best work of prose fiction in 2011, the annual Vladimir Nazor Award and Kiklop Prize for the best novel of the year.
Na osami blizu mora (Alone by the Sea) is his latest novel published in November 2015.
He is also the author of two collections of newspapers columns: Otpusno pismo (The Letter of Discharge) and Apsurd je zarazna bolest (Absurdity is an Infectious Disease). His novels were translated to English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Bulgarian and Italian and his short story collections were translated on English, Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian, Spanish and Italian. He works and lives in Zagreb.